Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oskaloosa, IA to Mt Pleasant, IA

At 3:30pm today after riding 73 miles, Cal rode into the alley to our home in Mt Pleasant, Iowa to be greeted by myself and our close friends here in Mt Pleasant.  Wow! What a feeling! He has ridden 2375 miles!  He really cannot believe he has ridden this far, and in such a short time.  The whole idea of riding from the West Coast to Iowa seems overwhelming, but each day we cut off a chunk, and when you add all of those chunks together, Cal made it whole way!

Coming Down the Street, Approaching Home

Home at Last

This morning and all afternoon there were heavy clouds over southeast Iowa.  Rain was predicted, and we did encounter a few sprinkles, but not enough to run the windshield wipers.  However about the time Cal arrived home the sun began to shine. Note on the photo of Cal arriving at home – the flowers in my garden.  I was sure hoping I would not miss the blooming lilies – I have not, and the day lilies are just beginning to bloom.      

Cal’s brother and wife met us along the route today, along with friends from Chicago who are in the area for the weekend.  The Chicago friends were brother and sister-in-law to the friends we stopped to see in Mills City, Oregon.  The Mother of the Litwiller brothers and the mother of the Chicago brothers were friends in grade school in the 1920’s – an old connection! It was great to see all of them again this summer. 

The corn in southeast Iowa is tall in comparison to other parts of the State.  Here are some photos of the corn – you can only see the roof line of the buildings.  Also here are a few more photos of Barn Art.  I have had responses from several of you that you are enjoying the barn art. They are on new barns as well as old barns.

Iowa Tall Corn

Iowa Tall Corn

More Barn Art

Barn Art

Now it is the task of unpacking, and yet keeping together some of the items we will take with us on the second phase of this adventure! It will be great to sleep in our own bed tonight!  Cal lost 5 pounds on this trek and I am the exact same – which is amazing for all the sitting around I was doing – riding all day.  I was not nearly as active as I am here at home.  Also we are thrilled that we have arrived home the day before our daughter arrives home from the United Arab Emirates.  She will be in Iowa for the next year, finishing her dissertation for her doctorate degree.

As to the second phase - to the Atlantic coast in North Carolina – it will probably begin soon after September 15.  We need to be in the Chicago area the second weekend of September for a meeting of a Rotary committee on which Cal serves, therefore we will not leave until we return from Chicago.  The reason we are going via North Carolina is that our son and daughter-in-law live in Charlotte.

Please join us in mid September for the continuation of this adventure. In the meantime, I may post an update around August 1 and September 1.  If anyone wants to contact us with any thoughts you may do so at  If there are any ideas of what you want to hear more about or see more photos of during the second phase, please express yourself. 

Have a Great Safe Summer!


  1. Congratulations! WHOO!~HOO! We had the same thoughts....that it didn't seem to take you very long to cover all the ground you did. Time flys when you're having fun?? (If you call dodging rain, hail, flooding and SNOW, fun!) What an epic year you picked to do this journey. We'll all remember what year you crossed the're not done yet but we know you'll do it! Rest up, Cal. You sure earned it. As your reward, go ahead and sleep in late for a week. Hugs, Kathy and Lou

  2. Praise God for a safe trip home! It is incredible how quickly you crossed more than half of the U.S...basically, once you crossed Montana, you were almost home! I can't wait to see the rest of the trip, but I know you'll enjoy the break.