Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rothenburg to Wurzburg to Bamburg

It was 11:00 before we left Rothenburg this morning.  This medieval town keeps drawing us back – this has been our 4th time.  When we awoke there was a light snow on the rooftops –lovely.  After a traditional German breakfast which we love, we walked around to places we visited last night on our time night tour.  Concerning breakfast – I don’t know why we in America cannot make bread like the Germans do - crusty on the outside and soft on the inside!

Rothenburg Walk-in Gate by day

Rothenburg City Wall with Walk-way

Rothenburg from Wall Walk-way in the Snow

By the time we were on the road enough snow had fallen so that the hillsides were accentuated. It was beautiful driving north toward Wurzburg, then all of a sudden the snow was gone, however then it was a cold rain!  Thank goodness we are prepared with enough outer wear.  We stopped in the village of Marktbreit which has an old city wall and you enter through the medieval gate. It was a lovely little village with only a few tourists.  We found a great coffee shop just before noon.  

Marktbreit City Gate and Tower

Marktbreit City Scene
From Marktbreit we continued north to Wurzburg in search of their Christmas Market – It was in the plaza by the main Cathedral in the center of town. We parked and then walked around finding anything and everything like you find at most markets, but in addition there are lots of Christmas items. One stand in particular was of a wood carver.  He had some wonderful Crèches that he and his father had carved.  The one in the photo when finished will cost over 2000 euros ($2400) – 6 weeks of work!  Needless to say we only came away with photos.  We are refraining from helping their local economics too much!!!  Only buying what we can eat.  I know they will ship anything to the US that we want!! BUT!
Wurzburg Christmas Market

Wurzburg Christmas Market

Wurzburg - Carver's Shop

Wurzburg Carver Criche

Carver with 2000 Euro Carving - Unfinished

One of the Wurzburg vendors told us that the Christmas Market in Bamberg was great.  Off to Bamberg we went!  After checking into the hotel we went in search of the Christmas Market at night.  The market had several stand similar to what we had seen before but a number of textile stands with new items.  Rachel is contemplating the purchase of a scarf.  We will be going back tomorrow morning for another look.  We are also looking at their carved wooden incense smoker selections.  The selection is overwhelming but there will probably be several in our luggage in a week or two.  There were numerous gluhwein stands throughout the market and many local people were socializing there.  We discovered that there are numerous types of gluhwein which needed to be sampled. We each ordered something different and tasted each other’s.  A mug is sold with the gluhwein, which is either kept or returned for the prepaid deposit.  The bratwursts sampled were very good as well.  Tonight we had dinner by samples.
Bamberg Gluhwein Stand
Bamberg Gluhwein Stand
Brats Anyone?

Tomorrow morning it will be back to the market and to the Dom (Cathedral) before heading to Biedenkopf, and the parents of a former exchange student for the evening.

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