Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great Barrier Reef: Tuesday June 10, 2014

Well, we did it!!! Not sure we have to do it again!!   Later I will to clarify this last statement. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.  All started well, we both took Travelcalm so the trip out to the reef went well for us even though it was rough at time.  However some of the other travelers were not feeling well and we shared our Travelcalm. The ride out to the first reef was approximate 1 ½ hours.  At the furthest point we were approximately 39 miles from land. 

Port Douglas Harbour

Getting on The Wavelength Boat

Ship Captain at the Helm

We were given wet suits, flippers & snorkel goggles as we boarded the boat.  At the first reef we were told all about using the equipment and techniques. There were 25 people on the boat with a whole range of experience.  Cal & I were definitely at the bottom of experience along with several other couples. The waves were fairly calm on this reef.  Out we went! Adjusting our equipment and learning how to breathe through our mouths. Neither Cal nor I are strong swimmers, or really swimmers at all.  Thank goodness the water temperature was comfortable, which was great.  But after a while I started having leg and/or foot cramps, probably due to using different muscles - I don’t know.  Anyway I did not go as far out into the reef as Cal did, and he got some nice photos on an underwater camera. After 45 minutes we moved onto a second reef.  I did not get as far out this time due to my legs cramping, I just looked under the boat and saw some nice fish.  The boat always moored where the reef was deeper and then you had to paddle you way to the shallow part of the reef.  At the 3rd reef stop the water was more turbulent with bigger waves.  Neither one of us enjoyed this stop very much however there were some nice fish around the boat. So we did it! And this experience has been checked off our ‘bucket list’!! (it never was on the ‘bucket list’ to begin with!) But since we were here by the GBR it is a ‘must do’ item.  As I said earlier, “not sure we have to do this again”!  I am not saying that we never would do it again, but the water needs to be calm, and not so far out from land.

Approaching the Reef

The Reef from Above

Getting Ready to jump in

Cal Snorkeling toward the reef

snorkeling around the Reef

An eel along the reef
The trip back to Port Douglas was rather rough - several more people were quite sick. We had taken another pill and kept looking at the horizon, so we stayed feeling well. We had to stay away from those that were sick.

Tomorrow will be getting to the airport in Cairns by noon and flying on to Auckland, New Zealand, arriving there about midnight. (NZ is 2-3 hrs ahead of eastern Australia)

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