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Wednesday, November 10, 2015: Klerksdorp and the Klerksdorp Rotary Club Projects

We had a very leisurely morning with our host which included a full spread of breakfast on the patio.
At 10:00 am three members of the Rotary Club of Klerksdorp picked us up and showed us some of the things their Rotary club has done and what they hope to do in the next 2 years.  Several years ago RC of Mt Pleasant and RC of Klerksdorp co-sponsored a Grant which bought a van for a Safe-House.

Today we looked at a “dream” project, but hopefully this dream will come true.  The Klerksdorp Rotary Club has located a lady in one of the four townships that are around Klerksdorp, who has a daycare for 2-6 yr. olds.  She has a garage and another building of similar size that she uses for her daycare center.  In these two spaces she has 80 children, so needless to say they are very crowded.  She charges the parents 12 Rand per month ($0.80 USD).  With this money she provides the service and two meals per day.  The other positive about this situation is that the lady is certified for a daycare.  The Rotary club would like to purchase 4 – 5 40 ft. shipping containers that will be modified for the daycare.  The lady is in the process of getting some land for the containers to be placed on that already has electricity, water and sewage.  The club is looking into setting up a Rotary Global Grant that will pay for this project.  It looks like it could be a great project.

Rota Park - Built and Managed by the Klerksdorp Rotary Club

Klerksdorp Rotary Club Meeting Center

An Example of the houses in Rota Park

The Township where the Daycare is Located

The Daycare Center

The Older Children

The Younger Children

The Teacher with Rachel and Cal

Kitchen where meals are Prepared

Menu for the Week

Club President and Daycare Teacher

Proposed Site for new Daycare
After seeing this Project, we were taken to several other projects this club is doing which are not grant projects.  We went to a government hospital to see the renovated restrooms and bedrooms for their rape/trauma center.  Everything was very well done and the Club members have a great relationship with the hospital staff.  We went to another government hospital, where we saw special chairs purchased by the Club, needed for treatment of children with cerebral palsy.  The Rotary club has purchased 10 of these chairs that will be given to families who have children with CP.  After that we went to a construction site where the club is modifying what was a construction site portable office that was given to the Club.  They are turning it into a computer cafe center that will be placed at a person’s residence in one of the Townships and will provide computers for those in the Township who want to learn to use them. This person will teach computer lessons.  The trailer will be placed at a person’s residence for security reasons. Security is a major issue, especially with electronics.

Lunch was with the Rotarians at a very nice restaurant called Rose Mary’s.  After dinner we returned to our host’s house where we had a relaxing afternoon before going out for dinner with them that evening. It has been a delight to reconnect with our hosts and meet other Rotarians we have communicated with via email. 
Famous Sculpture in Klerksdorp showing Mining and Agriculture

Dinner at Pierre's Place Restaurant

Pierre helping Cal with the Appetizer

Cal and Rachel with our Hosts

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