Friday, April 22, 2011

Preparation Continues

Each day we are doing something toward this adventure on the bike - beside Cal riding his bike.  Over the winter months Cal has been riding his trike in the basement on a stationary trainer.  He is going 'nowhere' for miles and hours!  Finally we are having some nicer weather in Iowa so this past Sunday he was able to ride on the road.  He was pleased with his strength and stamina.  He thinks he is ready to try some steeper hills! - here in Iowa. They will be much steeper in Washington State!

RAGBRAI - Pocahauntas

RAGBRAI- As seen in The Des Moines Register

We are continually gathering together items which we may need, such as duct tape, extra spokes, inter-tubes, tires, proper clothing, etc.  We hope to stay in hotels most of the way, but we know there will be nights where there may not be a hotel/motel close by, so this is where the tent will fill the void.  Therefore we need our camping gear!  Thank goodness Cal will not be carrying all of these items on the back of his bike.  We will not take the 'kitchen sink', but we will have a few comforts, such as bag chairs, bag table, and the camp stove for food and coffee!  Another item is clothing for all climates. We will be crossing the mountains in early June, and it could be/will still be very chilly - possibly snow!  But by the time we reach the Plains in late June it could be hot.  The key word for this is layering.  Today I pulled out a cap, scarf and gloves for on the 'to go pile'!  Rain gear!  Cal is still trying to locate a good pair of waterproof gloves that are not 'chemical gloves' and do not cost 'an arm and a leg'!

Rachel with GMC Envoy

Rachel, GMC Envoy and completed bike rack

As you can tell there are so many things to consider when embarking on an adventure like this.  In the weeks to come we will continue to plan and gather the necessary provisions for our next "Great Adventure".

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