Friday, May 13, 2011

2 weeks and counting

The month of May is here and we have been having cool weather, until this week.   All of a sudden summer arrived!  The cool weather has been good for the early spring blooms. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Enjoy a few of our photos. 

We have decided to delay our departure from Mt Pleasant by one week.  Originally we had planned on leaving May 15, however due to the Washington DOT web site report, the mountain passes through the Northern Cascades will not be open until the first week of June.  They have been having late snows and crummy weather which has delayed the opening this year.  We will be seeing several friends and Rachel’s sister on the west coast, but we can use the extra time here at home to do our spring work.  Instead of repainting our garage Cal has just finished the installation of vinyl siding.  It is wonderful to think we will never have to paint this garage again! Next is painting the porch floor! 

Cal continues to train by riding 50 miles every 2 to 3 days. Some days are better than other – depends on the direction and strength of the wind.  The other day with the sudden change in the weather - to hot weather, the heat bothered him somewhat, but he will adapt to that as the weather continues to warm up.  He also need to use plenty of sun screen on his legs.  Due to his position on the bike, the tops of his legs have direct sun.    

When someone hears about our upcoming adventure, often they ask Cal if he is raising money for a 'cause'.  Up until now, he has not specified anything, but while on a ride over the weekend he decided, "If someone wants to donate, I will give them the opportunity".  There are two causes we would highlight. 
Polio Eradication through Rotary, or
Iowa MOST (Miles of Smiles Team ) that goes to Guatemala each year to repair cleft lips and
     palates(the team we were on in February).  
If you are interested in contributing please contact us via email.


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