Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014: Hager City, WI to Houlton, WI

Our Rotary event is over (all went well) and now it is “back to business”!  The temperatures have dropped some more!! This morning it was 43 degrees when we woke up!! We loaded our gear and drove north again (100 miles) to Red Wing, where we crossed the Mississippi to begin riding where Cal had stopped on Tuesday in Hager City, WI. Due to the length of our drive north, breakfast, and a stop to buy gloves and head gear, it was 10:30 before Cal was on his bike. 

One of the rocky bluffs we drove past

Another Train along the Highway
Somehow the hills have not diminished!  It reminds Cal of riding RAGBRAI through southern Iowa, one hill after another!!
Today our views of the Mississippi have been more hindered with trees, but the rail tracks and the river are still to the west.  At Prescott the Mississippi River continues more westerly through the cities of St Paul & Minneapolis while the St Croix River flows into the Mississippi from the north.  At Prescott we continued north in Wisconsin so instead of following the Mississippi we are now following the St Croix River.
I really did not take many photos today.  There is a Great River Visitors Center in Prescott, where the St Croix flows into the Mississippi, but viewing was very poor due to trees in the foreground.
Tonight Cal stopped riding in Houlton, WI so that we could cross the River into Stillwater, MN where we are staying.
A Tree Farm Along the Highway

A Horse Farm


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