Friday, September 19, 2014

Wednesday, Sept 17, 2014: Orr, MN to International Falls, MN

The bike ride is complete!!  Cal dipped the front wheels of his bike into Rainy River, the boundary between the US and Canada at this point in Minnesota. He has ridden from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada!   Cal rode a total of 1015 miles this summer from Carlyle, Illinois to International Falls, MN.  Last summer the ride from Grand Isle, Louisiana to Carlyle, Illinois was a 1000 mile. So for the route he used, he traveled 2015 miles from south to north.  We cannot believe it is finished! 

Tomorrow when he wakes up he doesn’t have to think about getting on a bike!  At this point don’t mention another bike ride!  However it is kind of like child birth - at the time, there will be “No More”, but then after a while the thoughts of pain subside!!!  So who knows!!!! No commitments!!
Fall Colors in Northern Minnesota

Today as Cal approached the boat access at the river I snapped several photos of him, as well as when he was dipping the wheels of the bike, but Cal wanted a photo of us together.  Just then a car drove to where we were located.  I asked the gal if she would be willing to take a photo of us.  She wondered about this funny looking bike!  Plus she wanted to know what we were doing!  We briefly explained. She immediately said we need to follow them to the newspaper office for an interview.  Other people along the way have mentioned doing interviews, but Cal has declined most of them. However in this climatic situation Cal agreed.  We followed them across town to the news office. The news reporter seemed pleased that we stopped by to share our story.  It will be interesting to read the article she will write about the ride.

Approaching the end of the ride!!!

Rainy River and Canada Ahead!!

The end of the ride at last!!!  Dipping the front wheel in the river RAGBRAI Style!!
The last 55 miles today were fairly level, with only a few long slow grades.  Early this morning there was minor wind, but later there were intermittent headwinds which slowed him down.  At one point there was enough rain for Cal to change into his rain jacket, but then it stopped.  It was not a warm day (high of 55), but the sun did shine this afternoon. Really we have been extremely fortunate to have encountered very little rain during this ride.
The farther north we drove, the more colors there were in the leaves.  The Aspens are turning a beautiful golden yellow, but we are too early for the peak of colors. 
We are now on our way home to Iowa. I do not know when or from where I will be blogging next. There are no final plans on the table! 

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