Monday, May 30, 2011

Start The Adventure

Saturday night we stayed with a former student of Cal’s and a family friend who lives east of Seattle.  It was great to meet her husband and son, and visit with her again. We had a wonderful evening. 

This morning we drove to downtown Seattle to the ferry dock and caught a ferry west to Bainbridge Island dock.  We continued driving west to Neah Bay - the northwestern tip of the Olympic peninsula, arriving around this afternoon. This is actually a Native American Reservation. Due to this being a holiday weekend we made a previous reservation at a Mom & Pop hotel – not the greatest from the outside, but it is clean and does smell good inside.  After an early supper at one of the only restaurants in town, we drove out to Cape Flattery – the tip. We needed to hike the last half mile.  It was beautiful, rugged, and there is a light house on the westernmost island of rocks.   

Cape Flattery - Western Tip of Lower 48
  Later we drove to Hobuck Beach - still on the Reservation, and we were able to take the bike out to the Pacific Ocean (in a drizzling rain), where Cal was able to dip the rear wheel of his bike. The goal now is to dip the front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean!  After the dipping ceremony, and photos session (in the rain), Cal rode 4 miles back to the hotel!  So he has begun the trip!!

Dipping In the Pacific - Hobuck Beach
As we were doing ‘our thing’ on the beach, a lady in a vehicle was watching us.  After Cal was on the road, she drove up beside me and asked, “may I ask what you are doing?” I gave her a brief explanation, as I was standing in a heavy drizzle. She was so excited about this whole idea that she asked how she would be able to follow our progress. I gladly gave her one of the blogspot address cards we had printed. 

After we arrived back at the hotel and were reloading the bike, I began telling Cal about this gal and her excitement, when to our surprise she pulled into the parking lot beside us.  She had gone home, grabbed her camera and a good luck item (small sand dollar) and was thrilled to catch up with us outside the hotel.  She wanted to take our photo, a photo of the bike and give us the good luck item. After I left her by the beach, I realized I had not explained much to her, so it was great to be able to chat with her further. She is Assistant Prosecutor for this County. Cal needs all the luck and prayers he can get for this trip.  It was a delightful encounter with a local person.



  1. Whoo hoo! You've started! BTW, other thoughts on how to increase donations for your cause: you could have the blog address on the back of the bike or the back of Cal's jersey. Also, on the blog, you could have a button to push to donate.

    How fun that you already have groupies! ;) Besides family, that is...

  2. Hi Cal
    Sooooo you started your adventure. We are looking forward to seeing you pictures of you start. we are looking forward to you blog.

    Wilbur & Mary