Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Neah Bay to Port Angeles to Port Townsend

Yesterday was the Memorial Day Monday holiday for most everyone, and we totally forgot this when we were planning the trip. However we were lucky that finding a motel room became no issue in this destination coastal village.  The positive aspect of the holiday is the traffic on Monday morning was very slow. After breakfast by the fishing harbor in Neah Bay, Cal began riding.  There are not shoulders on hwy #112, so as we had been advised by locals, I acted as pilot car, following Cal with my hazard lights flashing.  Normally on the road from Neah Bay to Port Angeles there are lots of logging trucks, but Monday there were none – a blessing we were unaware of beforehand.

The route was hilly, but things went well. Driving at the slow pace you notice more things than driving at 55+mph. We saw a lovely deer not far off the road – animals can hear Cal passing - even horses raise their heads to look at him. Due to the holiday, most shops were closed, but in the town of Clallam a little variety shop was open.  Cal needed a break - so we stopped and walked inside just for something to do.  As soon as the shop owner heard what we are doing she called the local news reporter – she was there in minutes for a story and a photo by the beach. 

First people notice this funny contraption – the bike! Then they approach us about what we are doing, and they almost always ask about our destination – never expecting to hear our goal.    

Monday Cal rode 55 miles when we stopped at , about 10 miles short of Port Angeles. He was tired and had peddled a lot of hills on his first day out – It has been over a week since he has been on the bike.  I had previously contacted a B&B host that belongs to the same Philanthropic Education Organization as I, about the availability for Monday night.  When Cal decided he had enough for the day we loaded the bike onto the rack and drove to our host home in Port Angeles. 

What a delightful couple - retired, 70ish, and with an active lifestyle. She prepared the evening meal for us – beyond the call of duty, and we visited until we fell into bed – thus the reason I did not blog last night. 

This morning we drove back to the location where we stopped yesterday and I again was pilot car until he came to Rt 101 where there was a wide shoulder along the highway.  This morning we experience the logging trucks we missed yesterday (thankfully) - they do fly by you!  After I left Cal I returned to Port Angeles, going to the ‘Art Walk in the Park’- an area in a wooded area where artist have done all sorts of things – designs out of numerous medium – wood, glass, metal, plastic, etc. As you walked the paths, you did not know what you would find, and where. It was definitely worth the stop. 

We met up for lunch at a rest stop/information area, after which Cal continued on Hwy 101.  I drove ahead to Sequim where I found several very nice shops for browsing – and buying!!  Would you believe we both were leaving town at the same time – we met at an intersection!!  I heard this little bicycle bell dinging!!

As I continued east I found several other places to stop and browse.  Cal actually caught up with me when I stopped for a cup of coffee.  He took a break too – much needed.  We had been advised Hwy 20 into Port Townsend did not have a shoulder, so we planned our meeting location so that I would again act as pilot car.  At we were 7 miles outside of Port Townsend, when Cal said “this was enough for today”.  We loaded the bike and came into Port Townsend to the PEO B & B we had reserved for tonight. 

This couple has a beautiful ornate Victorian home, on top of a hill overlooking the Strait. They have done extensive work on both the interior and exterior, plus the husband is a detailed artist – wonderful paintings hanging all around the house.  The sun (yes) was shinning tonight, so the Strait was beautiful. This Strait is the main shipping lane for ships – freight & cruise. There was cloud cover in the distance so we could not see the mountains, but the Strait was perfect. 

Puget Sound - Strait of Juan de Fuca - with Port Townsend to Whidbey Island Ferry
All these people (my sister included) tell us there are mountains in the distance!!   I guess we believe them, as we have not seen them!!!  However, we did not have rain yesterday or today!! This is almost unbelievable! But tomorrow that is to change.   


  1. What a wonderful blessing of no trucks! I'm so glad you're having a good first few days as Cal gets used to daily biking. I hear what fun you're having!

  2. Cal
    I am following you on Google maps, so keep us informed. It sounds like you are having a good time learning to know new people. Keep the blogs coming.
    Older brother

  3. You've had several blessings on this trip already and we pray that they will keep coming. (No logging trucks on the first day and sunshine!) Rachel, you are doing a wonderful job at blogging and posting pictures just makes it all the more fun to follow. We're checking your progress every day, praying and cheering you on! Hugs!