Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Acheberg to Sloss-Holte, and Soest

This morning was one of the clearest days since we have been in Germany.  There was some blue sky and sunshine, but by evening it was raining again

Over the years Cal and I have learned to know a lot of exchange students (only 3 lived with us), some we felt closer to than other, but it is always great to reconnect with any of them. The gal we are leaving and the next gal we will see are now parents with sweet little ones.   

It was a little over an hour drive to the home of our German daughter (she actually lived with us) and her family today.  Her two little girls are so cute.  Of course as with our last hosts the children do not understand any English, so communicating with any of the children is difficult.  They actually wonder what is happening to their parents – they cannot understand their parents talking to these strangers with strange words are coming out of their mouths!
German Farm House and Barn
 After a light lunch we made preparations to drive to the town of Soest, approximately an hour drive, to visit their Christmas market.  We did not take the youngest child as she was not feeling well and had fever – she stayed with her Oma.  It began raining before we left the house, so we went prepared for the wind and rain.  The temperature is in the 30’s so after a while the damp cold goes through you! A cup of gluhwein does taste great.  Tonight we had hot chocolate with rum in it!  

Soest is a town along the east-west autobahn that in the days of the ‘iron curtain’, connected to the corridor through East Germany which you drove into West Berlin.  In April 1973, Cal & I stopped in Soest on our way to West Berlin.  We have not been back since.  It is a lovely town with lots of interesting half-timbered building.  It just may be that on Thursday we may stop in Soest during the day and take a self-guided walking tour of the old town, as we will be returning on the same autobahn on our way to Koln. 

Soest Decorated for Christmas

Soeat Christmas Market

Creche in Soest Christmas Market

More Gluhwein

Which Brat Would You Like?

Brat Menu.

Flammkuchen - Small Pizzas From Alsace

Tomorrow we are off to a castle that is advertising this year’s feature - “An American Christmas”.  We will see what they feature as an ‘American’ Christmas! 
By this evening the older of our hosts two girls was warming up to us, but communication is not easy! She enjoyed the Christmas market, as this is the first one she will remember.       

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