Thursday, December 13, 2012

St George to Ravensburg

Today was beautiful because we were driving through snow covered landscapes.  When we awoke the temp was -12C or about 12 degree F, so it was rather cold to be out walking around! But the temp did not stop us!

I forgot to say anything yesterday that the sun shone ALL day.  This is the first since we have been in Germany.  There have been a few other days that we saw a little sun, but most of them have been cloudy.  We have used our sun glasses very little until yesterday.  This morning we saw the sunrise, but then it was cloudy and hazy the rest of the day.
I also want to make a correction to yesterday's blog.  We were the last guests of the guesthaus, as they are closing for good and planning to sell the facility.  The lady we talked to had been with the guesthaus for over 30 years.
View from our window

Our Guesthaus by day

This morning we decided to drive back approximately 7-8 kms to Triberg.  This is the Cuckoo clock region! No, we did not buy one, but we were in a shop where they had 1000 for sale!  Coming down the mountain into Triberg is a stream of water that drops over seven cascades forming the highest waterfalls in Germany.  At this time of the year with the snow, and ice formations it had a whole different feel that if the surroundings would have been green during the summer months. 
View along the highway

Back road of Germany


Hotel in Triburg

Triburg Waterfalls

Everywhere we looked this morning, it was picture perfect!  We took so many photos!  We got off the back roads we were on and drove on some completely snow covered back, back roads!!  We had to move on!  We continue east, stopping in Villingen, before getting to the Bodensee area. We drove along the Sea to Uberlingen where we stopped at their Christmas market.  Back on the road again we were still along the Sea when all of a sudden in front of us was a huge church.  It was a massive Basilica sitting in a rural area among the vineyards along the Sea.  The inside was absolutely impressive.
Villingen Christmas Market

Rechette House

Villingen City Gate

Uberlingen on the Bodensee

Warming hands at Uberlingen Market

Chestnuts roasting on the open fire

Our next destination was Ravensburg.  By now it is getting dark, so after visiting their two Christmas markets and watching them open the Advent door of the Advent Calendar on the side of a building, we found a hotel in the downtown area.
Ravensburg Market

Advent Calendar
Ravensburg Rotary Cookie Bake

Ravensburg Rotarians

Children making cookies

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