Saturday, December 15, 2012

Munchen (Munich)

We were not in a big rush this morning but we did make sure we had breakfast and were on our way to the train depot, just across the street from the hotel, by 9:00 am.  We did what was usual while we lived in Holland in the 70s - we went to the tobacco shop to buy a ticket for the train to Munich (some things don’t change!).  The ticket cost 13.50 euro for both of us for the whole day (actually it is good for 24 hours.  I was asking how to use the ticket and where to go, when a local lady told us to follow her because she was going the same place as we were.
It was raining very steady when we left the hotel this morning, and we were afraid it would be a nasty day walking around Munich.  45 minutes later we were at the Marienplatz plaza where the main Christmas market is in Munich and the rain had stopped.  The Marienplatz is next the very decorative new Rathause, City Hall.  The Rathause has a mechanical clock that performs on each hour on the our. .Due to the warmer weather the snow was melting, so the sidewalks were a slushy mess, - thanks for good all weather walking boots. 
Munchen Rathause

Mechanical Clock

In all, we visited five Christmas Markets in Munich (did not visit the pink market) and nearly as many Cathedrals.  It is easy to stop at the cathedrals as we walk by on our way to the next market.  Each cathedral is unusual in its own way and most make you say Wow! Several were having services so we returned 15-30 minutes later as we wanted to spend time looking around.    
St Peters Cathedral

Theater Church/Cathedral

Monochromatic Sculptures-Releifs

Our favorite was the medieval market.  When we arrived the crowd was watching a man doing a tight rope/cable act.  After the show we walked around the market to see the new and different items.  The shop personnel were all dressed in medieval clothing. The environment in this market was unique. 
Tight Rope Act

Medieval Musicians

Sampling some more Gluhwein
The Medieval Market
One of the markets was held in the Residenz courtyard – this was very nice too.  The regular Munich fruit and veggie market had a few seasonal stands located throughout the market and the rest of the Christmas markets were standard to what we have seen elsewhere.
Entrance to the Residence

Residence Market

The Pyramid

Dispensing Mustard - Where is this at the State Fair
Saturday Morning Market


Rachel with Santa
Mercedes Benz Gallery


  1. I was asking how to use the ticket and where to go, when a local lady told us to follow her because she was going the same place as we were.
    Marketing München

  2. Annyeong heseyo, Mr. Litwiller. This is Lucas Salazar. It's been well over a decade since we've spoken, but a quick search of your name shows me that not a blade of grass hath grown under your feet.
    As I've been delving deeper into my growing hero Neil deGrasse Tyson's words and work, I'm oft reminded of you. So I thought I'd send you a quick missive.
    I'm living in Mungyeong, South Korea at the moment after a 6 year stint in LA. The winds blow strong enough that I don't know where I'll go next, but it's a blessed place to know that I don't have to know right now.
    Be well, and I'd love to hear back from you.


    PS Congratulations on the epic bike trek!

    1. Sorry for taking so long to see your comment on our BlogSpot. What are you doing in S Korea and how long do you expect to be there?

      What have you been doing since High School?

      I retired in June 2008. I assume your mother is still in town although I have not seen her for some time.

      Look forward to hearing from you.

      Cal Litwiller: