Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Monday, December 24, 2018: Brezoi:

Our 52nd Anniversary!

            Another relaxing morning, before getting on the road at 11:00.  Our hosts father was our driver this morning, even though we could have gone ourselves.  In the end it was best as he has a 4x4 vehicle.  We left their home and drove deeper into the gorge. We eventually we drove went over a pass. It had begun raining, which with elevation, turned into snow.  By the time we were at the pass, the roads were snow covered, and the trees were beautifully snow covered.  We continued to the end of the road, also passing a ski resort.  At one point we turned off the main road, hoping to get to a viewing point over the valley.  The road was not clear and without the 4x4 we would have gotten stuck!!

The road we were on intersects with the Transalpine Highway, which is completely closed over the winter months.  This road and several other Trans Highways are for summer driving only. 

Near the end of the road we stopped at a hotel/restaurant for a cup of coffee, before our return trip back to the house. 

The drive today into remote areas was beautiful.  We saw two dams, beautiful lakes behind the dams, several small villages, beautiful valleys, as well as mountains. Along the way we saw horses on the road, as well as cattle standing in the middle of the road!
Concrete Dam - Hydroelectric

Removing Downed Tree From Road

A Very Old Logging Bridge

Snow Covered Road

            Back at the house we had an hour to relax before the evening of festivities began.  First, neighborhood children go door to door, singing or what sounds more like chanting, for treats.  We missed the first two groups, but later saw 3 groups at our door.

At 5:30, extended family began arriving. Aunt, Uncles, cousins, in-laws and 82-year old Grandmother. At 6:00 Santa Claus (cousin ‘s husband) showed up with gifts and more gifts.  Something for everyone.  The children did not detect who was in the Santa suit.   

First the drinking began, then the eating. There was 3 course meal! Everything was good except for the pickled herring, and spreads make from fish!   I could handle several of them but not all of them!  

It was a lovely evening with traditional foods, beverages, and gifts.  Of course, Christmas is for the energy of the kids.

We are tired and ready for bed. In the morning we may be getting up between 4-5:00 for a group of male singers who go door to door.
Local Children Singing for Candy
Preparing for Santa

Santa Opening his Bag

Rotary Exchange Student with Daughter

Singing to Santa

With Exchange Student

Food Ready

Dinner with Family

Host Parents

Host Family

Singers at 6:30 am

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