Sunday, March 18, 2012

San Carlos Valley to the Pacific Ocean Resort

On Monday we crossed eastward over the Continental Divide and have basically been in Rainforest/jungle since then.  Today, after leaving the Arenal Volcano area we went to a Private Reserve that is dedicated to studying the canopy level of trees and the ‘life’ that lives at that level.  Most everyone/groups study what is happening on the ground level but not tree top level.  They have 7 hanging bridges along a trail that takes approximately 1 ½ hrs to walk. We were up in the canopy level of the trees.  It was a lovely walk, however it was raining when we started the hike and again during the walk it began raining again. We have been in rain most of the week but have continued doing everything that was schedule. What do you expect in a rain forest!  RAIN!!

Hanging Bridge in Rain Forest
Rain Forest
Rachel and Cal near a Water Falls in the Rain Forest

Today, we crossed westward over the Continental Divide and what an instant change!  The west is brown and dry.  It is cattle country, and the pastures are so dry!  The change was shocking – this is their dry season.  On the road we met two sets of cowboys herding their herd of Brahma bulls down the road.  There are rodeos in this part of the country. This dry climate will be good so we can dry out our clothes, raincoats, and suitcases that seem damp from the rain forest.

West of the Continental Divide - Much Dryer

Brahma Bulls Herded down the Road
Cowboys herding the Bulls

We are at a JW Marriott on the Pacific coast.  Lovely hotel to say the least and the beach is great. There are numerous pools and lots of lounging areas. Today is a relaxation day.  Cal & I walked the beach this morning before it was too hot, then during the hot part of the day, at first we were on our balcony, then inside in the AC of our room. 

By 5:00 we were on the beach again. The sun sets at 6:00 but the sky was beautiful until 6:45 - tonight the sunset was better than last night as there were more clouds in the sky.  The temperature and breeze was perfect, so after walking the beach, we just sat by the infinity pool and watched the sky. The planets and stars are already clear in the night sky. 

Cal and Rachel on the Beach at Sunset 
It is amazing how within a few hours drive the weather, birds and animals change. We have been able to enjoy both climates.                

Tomorrow we drive back to San Jose, and by Monday morning everyone will be flying out.  The group has been great.  Everyone has been on time which is unusual for a group of 43 persons.  We have learned to know some people better than others, but I think we have eaten with everyone at some time during the tour.

People are sharing their photos, which is great – one couple had their good Cannon camera stolen the other day while at a restaurant.  Even with our small camera we are doing well with photos.    

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