Monday, March 12, 2012

San Jose to Tortuguero

This morning we left the Intercontinental Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica and have driven to the Caribbean Coast.  On the way we stopped at a butterfly gardens, similar to the one at Reiman Garden in Ames.  We crossed the Continental Divide (continuation of the Rocky Mountain Range of mountains) and are now on the Caribbean side of Costa Rico.  We drove by several banana plantations and stopped at the Del Monte Banana Plantation packaging facility where we watched workers processing bananas for shipping to the US.  It was extremely interesting.

Banana Plantation - Banana Bunches Ripening

Hands of Bananas and Blossom

Train of 25 Banana Bunches heading to the Processing Plant

Cutting Hands of Bananas off the Main Stem

Washing Bananas Before Grading

After another hour and a half drive we came to a dock along a river where we loaded onto a boat for a 2 hour ride to a Jungle Resort.  On the way one of the two motors on our boat stopped functioning properly, so we slowed down.  To get us to the Resort before dark they sent another boat for us.  It is lovely, but VERY humid!!!  On the way here we saw ‘spider monkeys’ swinging and jumping around in the tree tops – at the very top of the tallest trees. 

Boat on the River

Crocodile Suning Himself along the River

View From the Boat on the River

Tomorrow night we will tell you about tomorrow’s activities.

We are tired and ready for bed.      

Beautiful Blue Butterfly in The Butterfly garden

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