Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6 and Wednesday, March 7: Tikal

Tuesday was spent traveling.  We left Panjachel after breakfast, returning to Antigua.  We took more photos along the way as the weather was much clearer than the day we drove into Panjachel.  After returning the car and realizing there are no pawn shops in Antigua to check out for a ‘good used stolen camera’, we spent time walking around, having lunch and watching ‘life pass’ in the city square. We quickly realized Antigua is ‘very western’ in comparison to the villages we have visited the pass several days. At we met the car and driver who took us to a B & B in G’mala City.  We were glad we did not have to negotiate the city traffic.  We would highly recommend this B & B which is located very near the airport. 
Sunrise over Lake Atitlan, Panajachel
Cemetary over looking Terraced Fields

Cultivated Valley

Early evening found us at the large ‘Oakland Mall’ in downtown G’mala City.  We were looking for a new camera, but we did not find what we wanted.

This (Wednesday) morning we were up at for a taxis ride to the airport.  By (ended up being ) we were on a flight to Flores, G’mala.  This is a city in northern G’mala near to where ancient Tikal ruins (Mayan ruins) are located.  We are staying at the Tikal Inn located within the National Park.  From10:30 to we had our first tour of the ruins. We followed paths through the rain forest from one ceremonial temple to another, one plaza to another.  It is simply amazing what they built in the time period it was done, how it has all been uncovered, and all they have discovered. 

Grand Plaza
Temple I
It rained (actually a heavy mist) today as we were walking.  I guess it added to the ambiance – rain in the rain forest!  It was hot and humid, so the mist felt great however everything is damp feeling in our room tonight.  The temperature tonight is very comfortable.  Tomorrow morning we are to be in the lobby at to hike into one of the temples, climb to the top and watch the sunrise. I hope this is worth it, as getting up that early is not my thing!!  I think it will be or I would not be interested in doing it. 

Tomorrow afternoon we fly back to G’mala City for another night there before flying to San Jose, Costa Rico.                 

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