Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tortuguero Rain Forest Resort

Accommodations at this jungle resort are little individual cabins on stilts 5 ft above the ground.  They are very comfortable, only screens (no glass) at the window openings, which is fine for this climate.  After posting yesterday’s blog we went to our cabin to shower and sleep – we were tired.  However soon after arriving at our cabin it began to rain.  In fact it rain most of the night – at times very hard.  Of course after it stopped raining it would drip water from the tree canopy onto the metal roof for a long time, and by then it was raining again.  It was a noisy night. 
Tortuguero Boat Dock

Elevated Walkway to our Cabin
Our Cabin

After breakfast this morning we were on open boats by 8:00 for a water safari – looking for any and all wildlife!  We saw water birds, jungle birds, howler monkeys, cayman, - actually it was a good morning even if we had to wear poncho some of the time due to rain storms that would come and go. We returned to the lodge for a short break – something to drink and a snack before we left again on the boats to a turtle conservatory.  Along the Caribbean coast here in Costa Rica is where 4 of the 7 species of sea turtle come to lay their eggs.  Now is not the season for laying eggs, but we learned about their work and research.  Then we walked along the black sanded beach (10 minutes) to a small village.  This village of course had shops to buy stuff, but instead we returned to the beach.  The waves began crashing out a ways from the beach - it was lovely.  

Walking in the Caribbean
A Howler Monkey

After lunch those who wanted to zip-line were able to, but all morning it was raining off and on and Cal was not interested in zip-lining in the rain. – We zip-lined to the bed for a nap instead.  As I am writing this now, it is pouring rain again.  
Rain Forest Safari Boat Ride
Later - We just returned from another boat safari – we saw spider monkeys, howler monkeys, sloth, toucans, hawks and other birds.  It was a successful safari.  The monkeys, especially the spider monkeys gave us a show at several locations.  A group of monkeys is called a troupe troop.  We saw numerous adults and at least 6 juvenile spider monkeys playing in the same tree top – it was unbelievable the way they were jumping or dropping from branch to branch.    

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