Friday, July 5, 2013

Eldorado, IL to Mt Vernon, IL - Friday, July 5, 2013

           Most of our day was under cloudy skies, only late this afternoon did the sun shine.  The temp this morning was 69 degrees, and the high was comfortable in the 80’s. 

Big John
We began in Eldorado where we stopped yesterday.  The topography was flat, it was wonderful.  We were passing through rural southern Illinois where there are many grain bins and elevators. The road was wonderful – smooth and with a shoulder, for the first 40 miles.  Then we changed roads so we would travel northwest toward home. 
Big John Super Value Grocery
Level Countryside in South Central Illinois
Cal enjoying the level road
One of Numerous Grain Bins
Country Church

This new road has been the worse we have been on so far on this whole trip.  It was very lightly traveled which was good, but the road was narrow, and simply not maintained – rough and with potholes!  But we did not really have any other choices.  We felt like we were on back, back road America!! 

Along the way we saw farmers cutting hay and harvesting wheat and almost every farm homestead had grain elevators.

Barn with Wheat Field

Illinois Farm

Unloading Logs at a Saw Mill

McLeansdoro Bank

McLeansboro Library

Cutting Hay

Crossing a Bridge on "The Road of Horror"
I did find an antique shop open when I had time to browse.  Too often I go pass an antique shop before they are open at 10:00.  The town of McLeansboro also had two lovely old buildings (see photos).

We made it to Mt Vernon, IL.  Actually we stopped about 10 miles north of town and drove south to find a hotel. 

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