Thursday, July 4, 2013

Marion, KY to Eldorado, IL - Thursday, July 4, 2013 – Happy 4th of July!

            This morning was cool enough that I turned the heat on in the vehicle just to dispel the chill.  Later it warmed up into the 80’s, but it was beautiful temperatures for biking.  

We had to drive the 30 minutes back to our starting point.  It was 7:30 when Cal began riding.  Our destination was Cave in Rock on the Ohio River. It was hilly riding north of Marion, KY.  Cave in Rock is one location where you can catch a ferry to cross the Ohio River between Kentucky and Illinois.  There are no bridges for miles on either side of the ferry site.  Since this was a holiday, there was not much traffic on the roads coming to the ferry.  Actually we were fortunate to be doing this route today.

Ferry across the Ohio River

Landing on the Illinois Side of the Ohio River (this is not our vehicle)
After we ferried across the Ohio River, Cal continued on the route while I went into the State Park looking for the cave.  I did not walk any farther than the opening of the cave.  It was impressive.  When the Ohio River is high you cannot walk to the cave.  Beside the massive boulders of rock along the river where the cave is located, there were masses of birds, cliff swallows, flying everywhere.  At first I thought they were coming in and out of the cave, but they were not, they had nest on the cliffs outside the cave.  (See photos).

Rock Cliff with Nests of Cliff Swallows

Swallows in their Nests
Cave-in-Rock - Mentioned by Lewis and Clark

          I caught up with Cal and things were going well for him.  He rode a total of 43 miles today.  20 of them were flat, the others….!  We rode through Amish country again today while still in Kentucky.

            We finally stopped at Eldorado, IL, but we had to drive to Harrisburg, IL for a hotel.  Tomorrow morning it will be the drive back to Eldorado before Cal begins riding. 

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