Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mt Vernon, IL to Carlyle, IL - Saturday, July 6, 2013

            This morning was beautiful.  We drove back to the point where we stopped yesterday.  The last couple of days Cal has been giving comments showing signs that he is beginning to be unmotivated about this ride.  But we decided to continue until we are directly east in Illinois of southern Iowa border so that if/when we resume the ride it would be close to home, but in Illinois.  This morning Cal realized that today he will have ridden 1000 miles!  He asked me, “What if we stop after I go 1000 miles?”  This decision is his, not mine.  He is the one doing the work, not me.    

            Everything was going well, good roads, good shoulders on the roads, a little tail wind and beautiful weather.  But then all of a sudden the shoulder on the road abruptly stopped.  He was just at the 1000 mile mark!  When he saw the shoulder situation he said, “This is it, we’re going home”.  He loaded up the bike and we were on our way home.  He stopped riding directly east of St Louis in almost the center of the State of Illinois. 

            We do not if or when Cal will resume the ride.  Maybe never!  Right now he is tired and unmotivated.  We are home. We knew that on Monday morning we would stop and drive home as we have commitments this week that we cannot change, but we were going to try to get as far north in Illinois as possible.  However those plans changed!

            We had a great 1000 mile ride.   
           Some photos from today.
Flat South Central Illinois Countryside
Working Illinois Oil Wells

Turtle Crossing the Road

Turtle made it Across the Road

Moving Bales

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