Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014: Jacksonville, Ill to Camden, Ill - 54 miles

It was a perfect summer day, except for one issue facing a biker! The breeze! No, it was wind! The 12-15 mph wind was coming out of the northeast and Cal was riding north most of the day, so he faced a head wind almost the entire time!  Headwinds are demoralizing as they slow you down by at least 3-4 miles per hour. The wind was relentless. Cal’s legs really took a beating today pushing against that wind.  Thank goodness the temperature only went up to 80 degrees so there were no heat issues. 

Cal's View - Go Rachel Go

Starting a New Day

More Corn

The Winding Road

A Round Barn
As for me it was another perfect day to have the windows of the vehicle open to hear the birdlife and country sounds. The crops of corn and soybeans continue to look great.  The landscape is beautiful Midwest USA.  At noon I told Cal I was taking photos of ears of corn.  He said, “That is a sign you are bored”. I said, “No, I am just being creative in my photography.”   I also took photos of the flowers in the ditches along the roadside.  The Queen Anne’s Lace (or wild carrot) is in full bloom.  It is such a delicate white bloom.  Then I came upon a Killdeer bird that would not leave a certain area on the roadside where I was stopped.  She just kept returning.  I took a few photos of her and then I realized something was moving at her legs.  I spied two fussy chicks.  It is interesting how they have full coloration already at this point.  I was not bored! Life is just going a much slower pace.  I am continuing to read my magazines too. 

Corn - In Full Tassel

Corn - Silked

Seed Corn Field - Four Female Rows between Two Male Row.

Queen Anne's Lace

Cat Tails

I saw at least 4 Indigo Bunting birds (blue) and several yellow Goldfinches.  I am surprised I have not seen more Goldfinches in that the thistles are blooming – they use the fuzz from the seed to line their nest.   The Goldfinch is the Iowa State Bird, so I may see more when we get into Iowa. 
Indigo Bunting on the Wire
Mother Killdeer with one Chick
Two Killdeer Chicks
Cal Finally Catching up with The Envoy

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