Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014: Atwater to Jacksonville, Illinois - 65 miles

Today was lovely, the temperature did not get as hot as forecasted which was GREAT!  It did get up to 84 degrees, but not 92! Cal rode 65 miles and felt better than he did yesterday at the finish. 

Lush Countryside through the Morning Haze

Small Deer on other side of fence along the Road

Country Road Through the Corn Fields
However Cal did have tire issues today.  He could not understand why the bike was peddled so hard, well the back tire was almost flat!  He changed the inner tube, but it went down again.  This time he patched the tire itself, along with changing the tube. This afternoon after arriving in Jacksonville, the first place we went was a bike shop for a new tire and tube.  Hopefully this will take care of the whole issue.  These tires have lasted Cal a long time – many miles!  

It was another day of seeing lush fields of corn and soybeans, and more soybeans and corn!  We continued on the back country roads meeting relatively few vehicles and riding through a tunnel of corn.  These roads are used mainly by the farmers and delivery services to and from the farms. 

Rural Cemetery in the bean field

Red-Winged Blackbird watching us go by

Beautiful Farmhouse with out-buildings

Barn in the Bean Field
Today I saw a small deer, rabbits, squirrels and of course lots of birds. I like when we go on an overpass so you can look down on the fields of corn that are all in tassel right now.  There is simply a yellow hue over the corn from the tassels.

Riding Historic Route 66 Again

An OLD Barn

A Dove perched on a Decorative Steel Wheel

Corn field in tassel with blooming Queen Anne Lace in the foreground
As yesterday, we drove by some lovely country homes and homestead farms. Then there are some not so lovely places.  It is simply pure agricultural Mid-West America!     

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