Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014 – On the Road Again!! Carlyle Illinois to Atwater, Illinois. - 67 Miles

We started from the spot in Carlyle where we stopped last summer.  It was a lovely morning in Illinois. The crops looks great and they have that beautiful deep green color.   
Leaving McDonalds after Breakfast
Newly Baled Hay
Beautiful Farm Reflecting in the Pond
Killdeer Trying to Detract you from the Nest
Newly Harvested Wheat Field

When we were in Australia and New Zealand, people would ask about Iowa or the Mid-West.  I told them, “you will see corn and bean (soybeans); and corn and beans; and then more corn and more soybeans; and then when you are tired of that, you will see soybeans and corn!” That is exactly how we felt yesterday and today, and the rest of the week will be the same. We are in the heart of farm country.   However as I just said, the crops look fantastic and we hope they continue to get the needed rain with no storms.

When you drive along at 20-30 mph you hear and see things you do not see driving at 55-60 mph.  This morning I heard and saw Bob-White along approximately a 10 miles stretch. Also saw 2 adult swans and an immature swan on a pond.  I kept looking for deer.  Yesterday we saw one deer, and neither of us saw any today.  When Cal is riding I go ahead to where we will be turning, and I pull off the road to wait for him.  While sitting there, reading, I enjoy the sound of the birds in the area. I love this silence.  It is not boring for me.    
Bob White along the road

A Hawk Watching us go by

Swan in a nearby lake

Sheep in the Pasture

Lamb with its Mother

We have only gone through towns with maybe a 500 people and this being a weekend, everything has been closed except the gas station – usually a gas station is the only commercial business in town.  Today I read newspapers and magazines, of which I will be doing more! I have a 7+ week backlog of magazines to read! 
Entering Pocahontas
Riding the Historic Route 66
A Vineyard in the Bean Field

An Interesting Name for a Cemetery

All went well today with Cal riding 67 miles.  A very good day! But he was hot and very tired when we stopped.  Since we returned home Cal has been training at least 2 days a week, so he felt he was in fairly good shape.  The high temperature today was in the upper 80’s, and this afternoon the soft tar on these back roads was becoming like glue on his tires.   

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