Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday, June 24, 2014: Camden, Illinois to Ft Madison, Iowa - 70 Miles

We crossed the Mississippi River and are in Iowa! It is a good feeling being so close to home.  In actuality we are only 40 minutes from home, but we are staying in a motel in Ft Madison.  Sounds crazy, but we do not want to make the drive back south to Ft Madison in the morning.  Cal wants to get on the road early tomorrow so that he is home by noon. . 

Today was a beautiful day!  No wind or very little wind and whatever there was, it was at Cal’s back.  The temperature was perfect.  In fact this morning it was a chilly 55 degrees – slightly chilly. 

Blue Corn Flowers along the Road

Another Abandond Barn

A Herd of Cattle

Whenever there is a river, the road descends to the creek or river.  However whenever there is a downhill, there is a guaranteed uphill!  Today we crossed numerous creeks/rivers flowing toward the Mississippi, thus it was a hilly ride. 

As to wildlife today - I saw two deer in very different locations, I saw and identified a Phoebe bird that looks kind-a-like a Eastern Kingbird, but it is smaller and does not have a white tipped tail.  I saw numerous Indigo Buntings too.  Cal saw numerous Goldfinch’s but I did not see any of them.  

An Eastern Phoebe on the wire

A Flash Back to when Cal used to drive a tractor like this 

Tomorrow morning when Cal is on the road outside of Ft Madison, I am going to drive directly home. 
This is Powellton Downtown
Notice all the houses in the Suburbs

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