Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27, 2011: Montpelier to Perrysburg, Ohio (60 miles):

All night there was a storm hanging over Indiana, with the eastern edge at the Ohio border. We were 7 miles east of the border.  This morning the rain began moving east, so by the time we left the motel, there was a light rain.  It did not pour, but it did rain off and on all morning.

Cal was planning to ride the Wabash Cannonball Trail, but the trail was in such poor condition that he chose to stay on the ‘back roads’.  The roads were flat and straight, however there was rain and a headwind straight out of the east. It was a demoralizing morning, but at least after lunch the rain stopped.             

It was great having a dry afternoon, even thought it was cloudy most of the time. 
The photos taken this morning will show the dreariness of the day. 

Farmstead in Western Ohio
There was an area where the farmers were growing cabbage – both white and purple.

I also saw a large field of orange pumpkins. I wondered if I would see any roadside stands.  Sure enough I saw several.  So colorful! Plus one stand was also selling beautiful Mum flower plants. 

We are beginning to see more and more trees turning their fall colors.

We are presently in Perrysburg, Ohio.  There is a huge shopping area near the motel.  You know since I did not bring any clothes along (only an empty suitcase!) I need to find something to wear tomorrow!!!!! Isn’t it interesting how we keep seeing things to buy!!! Cal and I both really did need new belts! At this point, I have not bought any antiques on this segment of the trip.

Another storm is to pass over this area tonight.  Hopefully we can have a dry day tomorrow

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