Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25, 2011: Goshen IN: (Rest Day)

We were ready for a rest day, plus the weather was dreary and rainy.  In fact at times it was pouring this morning. Cal was so glad he was not riding today!!  Our hotel is having issues with the internet so after breakfast we went to McDonalds to use their Wi-Fi to send our blog and answer emails. 

Late morning, even thought it was still raining, we began driving on a local ‘Heritage Trail’.  It is a scenic loop through rural landscape and Amish Country.  If you want to shop and eat, Sunday is not the day to do this.  However we saw the homesteads where Amish church was being held today - by the number of buggies setting in the driveways.  We took photos even thought it was raining. 

Also along this Heritage Trail, there are Quilt Gardens.  Numerous locations have planted gardens in quilt designs.  This is a great time of year to view them as flowers are in full bloom.  There are also Quilt Murals on buildings. We took photos even though the weather was not great so you should have an idea of what we saw. 

Quilt Garden

Quilt Garden

Quilt Garden

Amish Homested-Sunday Church with Buggies

Amish Buggies at Homestead

Another Amish Homestead having Church Today

Another Amish Homestead/Church

Telephone Booth at end of Driveway of Amish Homestead

Horses Grazing at an Amish Home 
This afternoon after a nap we met Cal’s grand niece.  Before we went to an early dinner she gave us a quick tour of the Goshen College campus. She had an evening activity at the college she wanted to attend, so we are back at the hotel doing this blog and Cal is watching a ball game.  He is getting settled in to watch his Pittsburgh Steeler’s play!

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will be on the road again.  Actually Cal will be riding through Amish country and hopefully will take more photos, especially if the sun is shinning


  1. So glad you had a nice rest day! We love the beautiful pictures of quilt gardens and buggies & horses!

  2. I am Evalyn's friend and she has told me about your Blog. I am loving it. We are full-time RVer's. I am really enjoying your blog and your pictures are out standing. Thank you for sharing your adventures.