Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28, 2011: Perrysburg, OH to Norwalk, Ohio (69 miles):

The weather was dreary this morning, but the rain did not begin to fall until mid afternoon.  Cal made good progress this morning even with the breeze from the south east, but this afternoon the rain slowed him down.  This morning he rode on the North Coastal Inland Trail, until he arrived for lunch in the town of Elmore.

Begining the Trail

Out on the Trail

I took a photo of a cute sculpture in a park.

I also drove by this old style Gas Station – I needed directions as the road we were to use was closed due to construction, so I stopped at the Station. It was still in use – The old guy (must have been in his upper 70’s) said “the place was as old as dirt”!! 

This afternoon we did not follow the Google route, as it took him on several main State highways. We created our own route! On the map we saw a Buckeye Trail which was basically going in the direction we wanted to go. The Buckeye Trail is a route using back road that makes a complete circle around Ohio.  It is a trail for biking, cross country skiing, hiking and skate boarding. It was beautiful.         

While Cal was on the Bike Trail he saw fields of tomatoes.  He chatted with a guy who said they are for the Heinz Tomato plant located nearby. 

I saw apple orchards along the route I was taking. 

I drove through the little village of Hessville – Hess is my maiden name. 

This afternoon it did rain, fairly hard for a while, but Cal rode the whole time. Late this afternoon we stopped at an intersection of the Buckeye Trail and a State Hwy located about 7 miles south of Norwalk, Ohio.

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