Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 24, 2011: Michigan City to Goshen IN: (64miles)

This morning it was cloudy, but not raining, however it had rained some during the night. After breakfast Cal began riding.  We were on narrow back-country roads of Indiana.  It was very rural, but all the roads were paved in comparison to Iowa’s gravel. There were no bike paths today. By we were seeing water on the road, however it was not raining on us.

We were not going through any towns, but at one point we crossed a State road, and thank goodness there was a convenience store at the intersection, so I was able to purchase a much needed cup of coffee! At the convenience store, the clerk told me it had been raining there all morning and had just stopped in the last half hour. This meant we were just behind the rain.  The sky to the west was clear, but it was still very cloudy to the east.  I was afraid we would still have rain.

Our destination for the day was Goshen, Indiana. As we were approaching Goshen from the west Cal began to get wet.  By the time we arrived at the hotel it was raining fairly heavy. Cal was ready for a shower and dry clothes.  Before dinner tonight we stopped at a laundry mat to wash our clothes.  While the laundry was processing I went to a nearby grocery store for a few items.      

Goshen is a large Mennonite & Amish community.  We drove by 2 rural Mennonite churches, and began seeing buggies on the roads and in farm yards.  In town as we drove by the Menard’s home improvement store, Cal saw a group of buggies.  After we checked into the hotel Cal asked me to return to Menard’s for a photo of the buggies.  On my way I stopped at Wal-Mart for a photo.  Wal-Mart has built a shed just for the horse and buggies.  The shed has stalls on both sides, to hold approximately 6 horses on each side. The horses are not standing in the hot sun, rainy, or snowy weather. We were simply amazed what Wal-Mart has done.  However it does go along with what we witnessed in Anchorage, Alaska.  The Wal-Mart in Anchorage has 1/3 of its parking lot marked for RV’s, plus they provide a dumping station for the RV’s.  They are trying to make shopping a pleasure!   

Before we went to dinner, the sun was shinning. We returned to both Wal-Mart and Menard’s to get photos in the sun. Cal had not seen the Wal-Mart buggy shed!

Menards Buggy Hitching Post

Buggy with Cart

Wal-Mart Buggy Shed

Hitching Post at Wal-Mart

Leaving Menards with Trailer of Purchases

Double Buggy
Cal has a grand niece attending Goshen College, and we have made plans to meet her late Sunday afternoon.  Also Goshen College is where my Mom attended and received her degree in l942.  I still cannot imagine her coming to Indiana from Penna in l938.  There were no Interstates or Turnpikes that first year.  Later there were – she referred to them as ‘Super Highways’.  They were ‘super’ compared to the 2 lane highways.

Cal is ready for a ‘day off’!  His muscles need a break.  Everything is going well. Tomorrow after sleeping in, we will check out the town of Goshen, and may drive around the country side.    

There is a high percent chance of rain the next few days and the temps will be in the low 70’s! 

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