Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wrap up Comments of the First Two Thirds of our Trip

Posted September 4, 2011:
Wrap-up comments! I wrote these additional comments several days after arriving home in July, but somehow we never posted them. Please forgive me for that.

To the gal in Neah Bay who gave Cal the good luck charm of a sand dollar. Thanks! The sand dollar made it the whole way to Iowa, and we will be taking it the rest of the way with us. We would like you to contact us by email, as we have no contact info for you.

I am sure more thoughts will come to me as we process what we have just completed!  

-Montana is the 4th largest State. From east to west it is one complete time zone (at least the northern part of the State). No wonder it seemed like we could not get out of the State!

- The tall corn in Iowa. We finally understand the reason for RAGBRAI being the last full week of July (when it is the hottest weather!) – the corn stalks in the fields need to be tall enough to hide an adult person needing to relieve themselves. The other day, that service was needed, but we had to wait until we found a field of corn that was tall enough!!

- Since we are home people are asking me if Cal is ‘still walking’. Yes he is, and he has no aches, pains or sores! You should see the tan he is sporting. The shorts he wore most days (when it was warm enough), are very sun faded as well.

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