Saturday, May 17, 2014

A 4WD trip to the Bush! Saturday, May 17, 2014

What a day!  Our Rotary friends planned a 4WD trip to the High Country, and specifically to the location where Craig’s Hut is located – Craig’s Hut is the location of the high country cabin in the classic Australian movie “The Man from Snowy River” shot in 1982.  We have watched this movie several times and the scenery is one of the highlights of the movie.  We are thrilled to be able to go to this area.

Our Group of Travelers for the Day

The early road

One of our Vehicles

Scenery at our stop for Tea

Cliffs at our tea stop

But to get there was an interesting experience!!!  We were on roads that a low clearance vehicle could not have possibly navigated – even a low clearance 4x4.  Our group comprised of 3 vehicles.  We were on limited access mountain roads. You would not want to/should not consider going to this area alone in case there would be problems.  One of the vehicles was even carrying a chainsaw – in case trees had fallen across the road. The vehicles also had winces, if a log needed to be moved or a vehicle pulled – they are prepared. These were not amateur ‘off-roader’s’, which was reassuring.  At a ‘razorback’ location we stopped for photos, and later at an overview, we had coffee/tea and sweets.  For lunch we had another lovely picnic by a river that was so clear you could see the trout.  We were definitely ‘rocking and rolling’ up steep grades and down again.  At one time we forded a river – the water covered the running boards.  We finally made it to the top of the mountain, to Craig’s Hut.  What a view! Range after range of bluish mountains.  The blue hue comes from the eucalyptus trees. Only photos will show the day!  As far as wild life, we only saw several groups of ‘roos’.  
Morning Tea

Morning Tea

A Couple of Roos Checking us Out

Our Road Traveled

One of our 4x4s on the Road

Coming up the hill

More Hills

Still More Hills

Over the Ridge

Mt Cobbler

Mt Cobbler
Our Lunch Stop

Lunch is Served

Enjoying a Great Lunch
Fording the King River near our Lunch Stop

Craig's Hut from the Movie

Craig's Hut in the High Country

Proof that we were there

Scenic View from Craig's Hut

More Scenes from Craig's Hut 

Tonight we had a dinner with our hosts - in fact the whole gang who went on the trip today. Our time in Wangaratta is almost over.  Tomorrow they are passing us off to other Rotarians, for more interesting experiences, but today will surely be one of the highlights of the trip.   

Also tonight we took a birthday cake to the hospital for our team members who are still there undergoing more tests.  Tomorrow we will be moving on while they stay here under the good care of the local Rotarians and can hopefully catch up with us again.  In situations like this, you realize how important the network of Rotary can be.
We are exhausted! It was a rough ride today, bouncing around, but it was wonderful.

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