Friday, May 23, 2014

Adelaide, Day 2 - May 23, 2014

Our last day in Adelaide! This morning we drove to Cleland Wildlife Conservation Preserve.  It was not a zoo as the animals were in large areas.  The animals were friendly as they could sense that we had bought food to feed them.  It was interesting seeing animals we would not see in the wild.  We were walking within their living areas with them.

Plus they had Koala’s. One of the Rangers brought a Koala’s out for us to have a close-up view and we could pet it low on its back – they are so soft.  However we feel so lucky that we saw them in the wild the other week.  Many Aussie’s have not seen them in the total wild like we did.

Colorful Parakeet like bird
Australian Parrot


Boxing Kangaroos

Echidna - Porcupine like animal

Pet Koala


Feeding Wallabies
Following this we went to the summit of Mt Lofty for a view of the valley and city below.  It was hazy, but we could see Adelaide from above. Adelaide and its surrounding area have 1.2 million people.

On our way back we went into the city - we drove into the downtown part of the city.  We stopped at the St Peter’s Cathedral in downtown for a quick look at this old Gothic Cathedral. 
St Peter's Cathedral

By now it is time for the Haigh’s chocolate factory!  Wow was it great chocolate! Aussie’s best! It was the middle of the afternoon when we returned to the house to relax before dinner tonight.  We had happy hour on the 5th floor balcony tonight – we have been staying in a 2nd floor condo from where we saw the sun set the other night, but tonight we watched from the  5th floor level.  It was another beautiful sunset.  Our hosts live at the perfect spot in Adelaide.     

Joining us for dinner was the President of the local Rotary Club (the one we visited the other night) and his wife.  We had a lovely evening visiting at a Greek restaurant. 
Adelaide Cricket/Football Grounds

Sunset over the lake

Dinner with our hosts and Rotary Club President
Tomorrow it is packing our luggage again for a move to the Barossa Valley, which is about 2 hours from here.  We will be meeting our new hosts at lunch.  The Barossa Valley is known for its good wines, so I am sure we will have plenty to taste over the next several days!!         

Australian Pavlova - Eat Your Heart Out

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