Saturday, May 10, 2014

Great Ocean Highway Day 2 - Saturday, May 10, 2014

A rain storm passed over the area during the evening and overnight (we used our umbrella’s to walk to a restaurant), but by morning the sun was bright and the sky clear.  We are off on a great day.  The rugged coast line of southern Australia continues to be interesting.  We stopped at the Otway Lighthouse, and Johanna Beach. We drove on some very off-the-main-route roads! Beautiful remote country side!

Coastal Hills near Apollo Bay

Almost looks like "A Man From Snowy River" House

Eucalyptus Trees

Coast near Otway Lighthouse

Otway Lighthouse
And then we found a spot where koala’s were in the trees!!  We were told they were likely in this certain area, so we began looking for lumps in the tree tops.  Sure enough, we first spotted one that was sleeping, then another and then one that was awake.  In the end we spotted 6 koala in the wild at this spot along the road.  It was approximately noon, and by this time koalas are usually napping.  That is what we found them doing.  They were in the ‘Y’ of a tree branch curled in a ball, sleeping away!  It was exciting! 

We stopped at every interesting point along the Great Ocean road, hiking to almost every lookout point.  The 12 Apostle formations, the Arch formation, the London Bridge formation, and finally the Grotto formation - these were a few of the interesting formations we saw today just off the rugged southern coast of Australia. 

Johana Beach

Farmstead along a Remote Road

Remote Road - No one else around
12 Apostle Rock Formation

12 Apostle Rock formation
Loc-Ard Gorge

The Arch

London Bridge - Connection to mainland fell in 1990

The Grotto
We were in some remote locations where there were very few people, but at the 12 Apostles formations, half of Asia was there!! – busloads!!
For tonight we are in the town of Warrnambool.  It was a great day viewing nature.    

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