Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Flinders Area - Thursday May 8, 2014

After a slow start this morning – did some laundry which we hung out, and answered some emails, we went to St Andrews Beach, on the south side of the peninsula.  This is a well-known surfing beach.  At least 14 people were in the water where we stopped, and by the time we left, another 10 were there to surf over their noon break from work – they may have been taking the afternoon off too!
St Andrews Beach

St Andrews Beach

St Andrews Beach with Friends

Cal & Rachel on St Andrews Beach
On this peninsula, where ever you go you are always seeing the ocean or one of two bays. It is beautiful! Also on this peninsula, if you are not playing golf, you can go wine tasting.  There are lots of golf courses and lots of wineries.  At 2:30 we had a light lunch at a winery about 10 minutes from our friend’s home. –You can tell we are on vacation, eating lunch at 2:30!!
Australian Winery

Lunch at the Winery
This evening we are being hosted for dinner by a former exchange student who attended Mt Pleasant High School in 1993-4.          -  What a lovely evening we had.  It is such a delight to see exchange students years later when they are young adults – to meet their spouses and children.  He is now an Assistant Principal and teacher for grade 7 while his wife teaches grade 8.  They are wonderful chefs too.  We had a gourmet meal of lamb in a home they have designed and built themselves. It was so fun catching up on his last 20 years.  

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