Friday, May 16, 2014

Albury & Wangaratta - Friday, May 16, 2016

Yesterday we transferred to Wangaratta from Albury.  We loaded our gear in a van, and headed south on the Motorway to Wangaratta, a town of 18,000.  We met at a cheese factory & winery where we had a nice lunch with Rotarians of the Appin Park Wangaratta (RCAPW) Club.  After lunch we went to Milawa where we stopped at Milawa Mustard (homemade flavored mustards) and Brown Brothers Winery.  This is an old family winery. They had some great wines. 

Milawa Mustard

Tasting Mustard

Milawa Mustard

Brown Brothers Winery

A Game of Chess at the Winery

We arrived at our host families so we can relax and change before going to a Rotary dinner. Our host is a dairy distributor, delivering diary product to small retailors It was a special dinner with the Chief Police Commissioner from Melbourne as the guest speaker.  He was excellent, talking about the future of policing and changes in the way we think of policing.  We had an excellent meal. 

Dinning Dairy - Business of our Host

Dinning Dairy trucks

Dinning Dairy Cool Room

Rotary Dinner

Dinner with the current District Governor and Wife

Dinner with our Host
Friday morning – We all met at the Rotary Park in the middle of town.  They have a tree planted for every exchange student they have hosted or sent out.  After that we went to see their recreational center.  What a wonderful facility.  We hiked part of the Kaluna bushwalk with one of the urban land care volunteers. He was so knowledgeable!

Rotary Park

Rotary Park

Trees Planted for Exchange Students

Rotary Park - Exchange Student Trees

Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral

Cathedral Alter

Stained Glass Window

Picnic in the Park with Rotarians
For lunch we had a great picnic in a park, after which we visited the cathedral, convention center and walked around the downtown area.  We returned to our host by midafternoon for time to relax. Cal & I stopped by friends of our hosts who are artist.  She works with fabrics while he works with water color.  They do unbelievable creative work.  Simply unique and beautiful!

Our dear team member who was in the hospital in Melbourne has now returned to the hospital this afternoon, as he was not feeling comfortable.  Also this afternoon his wife said she was not feeling herself, so they are both in the hospital overnight!  Tomorrow is his birthday!!  The hospital CEO is the Rotary President.  They are in good hands.  Hopefully by tomorrow they will be back with us again.  

This evening our host couple had a delightful dinner meal for the whole team and their hosts at the home of our hosts. We had a wonderful visit with everyone.    

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