Saturday, April 23, 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016: Lisse Bulb Fields, The Netherlands

This morning was partly cloudy, so that means it is partly sunny too! We decided to hit the bulb fields, at least this morning.  More tulips must be blooming compared to 10 days ago.  We began driving to the area where most of the bulbs are grown and this is also near the Keukenhof Flower Gardens.  At 9:30 we could not believe the traffic in this area.  Buses and buses, plus cars and travel trailers! 

We really tried to stay on the very back narrow roads, which is actually where you get closest to the fields.  We were correct, more tulips were blooming, lots of different varieties of daffodils/narcissus were blooming and still there were many hyacinths blooming.  We began snapping photos!! 

Cal drove from one location to the next, I would hop out, take photos, and we’d drive on to another field.  Some fields were blocked off, but often you could get next to the flowers.  In some of the fields the stalks had been de-headed of blooms already. It appeared they did the first round by machine, but now people will have to through the field to finish the job.  The bulb will continue to grow, putting strength into the bulb instead of the flower. 

We finally stopped for a bite to eat before we continued on to the southern edge of where bulbs ae grown.  By this time, we were down the coast in the town of Katwijk, where we drove to the beach to find a place to park so we could take a short nap.

We were deciding what to do next. We had not planned on spending so much time in the bulb area, but that is one of the main reasons we came to Holland, so we better enjoy as much time as possible!!

Flowers coy and thrown away

We decided to return to Aalsmeer, our host, via driving through the bulb area again, taking mostly different roads!! Still more photos!  Until we took 260 photos today!!!  It will be difficult to decided which photos to include in the blog!

Tonight we ate at a Chinese Restaurant with our host and her daughter & family. We had a lovely evening with the family as the children are growing and know a few words in English which they were trying to use.  

Tomorrow is our last day in Holland.  We are trying to decide what we want to do – some of it will depend on the weather.  Tomorrow evening, we will be going to a flower parade about 10 minutes from our host. I am afraid it will be a cold tomorrow evening. Even though it was partly sunny today the wind was very chilly.

I think I mentioned our Host lives about 10 minutes from the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The wind direction dictates the runway the approaching flights use, and sometimes the planes fly almost directly over the house. Last night they flew by the house until about 12:30am.  Tonight we could see them approaching west of the house, a silhouette in the sunset. We enjoy watching the planes approaching at perfectly spaced/timed intervals.

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