Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016: Ascheberg, Germany to Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

This morning after a leisurely breakfast with KT, the three of us drove into Munster, Germany, which is the largest nearby city.  We walked around the city center (we were here in Dec 2012 for the Christmas market) before going to one of the cities lakes where we took a lovely boat ride.  After the boat ride, we had a light lunch before we were on the road back to Holland. 

It was great to spend the time with KT and meet her family again.  Both of the former exchange students to Iowa are generous hostess, have wonderful husbands and great kids.  We hope both girls return to Iowa with their families someday to experience America’s heartland.  Thanks to both of you for hosting us again.  It is always great to see you. 
Munster Walking Street

Munster Cathedral

Munster Signage in Daffodils
The Lake on which we had our Boat Ride

We left Munster on a more northerly route so hopefully we can avoid the traffic problems we had on the A-2 autobahn. However, we did experience lots of slow traffic, but there was no stationary stoppage.  

We made it back to our hostess in Aalsmeer, Holland at 6:00.  We had a delicious pasta dinner.
Draw Bridge to Loenersloot Castle

Loenersloot Castle

Typical Dutch Drainage Canal

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