Saturday, April 9, 2016

Friday, April 8, 2016: Tomar to Lisbon airport to The Netherlands:

This morning was for relaxing over breakfast, repacking for flying, and being sure all items were separated between us and our daughter. We are glad we did not have to make time to visit the Castle and Monastery or we would have been rushed. We did take a stroll through the ‘old town’ are again.  There is a charm about having a castle, even if it is a castle ruins, overlooking your village/town. We have enjoyed the ‘old town’ parts of every city we have visited.  The narrow often winding streets, the street lights, the shutters, the laundry hanging, the flower pots, etc. 

We had less than a 2-hour drive to the Lisbon airport, passing many olive groves, returned the car, and made our way to our flight gate.  

We have seen and experienced a lot in the past two weeks.  It has been great traveling and spending time with our daughter, but our time together is now over.  She is returning to Abu Dhabi and we will spend the next 2 weeks visiting friends and traveling in Holland. 

We landed in Amsterdam, picked up the rental car and drove the 7 minutes to the home of our friend, arriving around 9:00 pm.  As always it is great being back in Holland. Our dear friend, our host, lost her husband in January 2015, so we will miss him very much.  
Our Friend's House in Aalsmeer, Holland

The Main Canal going to Amsterdam, going past the front of her house

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