Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016: Zutphen to Doetinchem, The Netherlands

Last night we made reservations at Villa Ruimzicht in Doetinchem.  We are going to the town of ‘s Heerenberg today to see the Huis Bergh Castle. It is a large castle so we decided that after visiting it we would take it easy the rest of the day and stay in nearby in Doetinchem overnight – thus we made the reservation. 

We found the castle – this one was well marked, however when we arrived we were told it is “closed on Monday”!!!  WHAT??!!  We did not realize that all museums and are closed on Mondays!!! What a bummer!!
Huis Bergh Castle

Now what?  I guess you win some and you lose some!! We lost on this one today!! We walked around outside – it is large castle with a moat – very nice.  It was a disappointment that we could not go inside, but we enjoyed the little village. 

The door was open to the village Catholic church just down the street from the castle. We went inside to find the total interior had just been refurbished.  It was lovely. 
St Pancratins Church

Completely Repainted Ceiling

Stages of the Cross along the side

Beside the castle was a Protestant church – only the cemetery was open to visitors.
Kerkhof Protestant Church

Anyway, after a cup of coffee we drove around looking for windmills, and other castles in the area. The town of s’Heerenberg is no more than 2 miles from Germany (just outside of town).  We also drove by lovely farmsteads with cows in the pastures, enjoying the green grass. 
Braamt Windmill

Beek Windmill

de Kemnade Castle

It was about 2:00 when we decided to go to Villa Ruimzicht, check-in, and enjoy the facility.  We were in our room by 2:30. It has been a relaxing day, which we did need.     
Villa Ruimzicht in Doetinchem

Old Ijssel River

Doetinchem Windmill

The Villa is located just outside the town center.  For dinner we walked to the town center, and after looking at shops and strolling around, we stopped at a Chinese Restaurant for dinner.  We had an excellent meal.

We are having a relaxing evening.  Tomorrow we are driving into Germany (straight east of here about 1 hour) to see the foreign exchange student who lived with us in 1993-94.  We last saw her and her family in 2012.  Since then she has had a 3rd child, a little boy.  We are looking forward to seeing her/them tomorrow afternoon. 
Night View of the Villa Ruimzacht

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