Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wednesday, April 20, 2016: Schloss Holte/Stukenbrock, to Ascheberg, Germany

It had been so great to reconnect with KB who lived with us so many years ago and to see her growing family – we saw them last in December 2012. We were up in time this morning to take photos of the children before KB drove the girls to kindergarten.  We were able to care for the baby while KB was gone. After a leisurely breakfast together, Cal took care of the baby while KB & I packed her glassware plus other items for their move.  KB wanted to entertain us by taking us someplace, but she has so much to do before moving that I would rather help her and visit as we work – we did chat non-stop!  Cal was an excellent entertainer for the baby!  I think we filled 5 boxes of items before it was lunch time and we needed to be on the road.  It was absolutely wonderful to see KB, her husband, and her family again. 

We were on the road around 1:00, and within the first 2 miles a warning came over the GPS that cars were “stationary stopped” on the A- 2 Autobahn.  They gave us a detour around the stoppage which we followed.  Then there was a detour though one of the villages due to street work.  Back on the A-2 Autobahn there was another “stationary stoppage” (we assume these stoppages were due to accidents), so we had another detour!  What should have taken us 1 ½ hours, took us 2 ½ hours. 

We final arrived at the home of another exchange student.  This one (KT) did not live with us, but we have kept in contact with her, she and her now husband visited Iowa before they were married.  We have connected with them and enjoy visiting them and see their family grow. In the last several years they built a new energy efficient home in a new housing development of their little village, which is using all the latest green energy ideas.  It is a lovely home with wonderful amenities.  

After a tour of their home, Cal, I and KT went on a 5 km bike ride to the next town where we had coffee and a dessert.  It was fun riding on the bike paths through the countryside.  We rode past two fields with the blooming yellow plants – they are canola plants used for canola oil. The village they live near and this next village are typical German villages for this area.  It was a lovely bright sunny day.  While riding in the sun it was warm, but in the shade it was cool. It was a great afternoon. 
Canola Field

Back at the house KT’s husband just arrived home from work and picking up the children who had been playing with friends.  It was great to see everyone again -as expected the kids have grown. After the kids went to bed we had a delicious meal of fresh white asparagus, ham and potatoes.  We visited until it was time for bed. 
Our Host Family New House

Raised Vegetable Garden

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