Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 10, 2011: Taylors Landing to White Ferry, MD (46 miles):

The day off was great!

After breakfast we drove from Hagerstown back to Taylors Landing where we had left the trail on Sat afternoon. Cal began another day on the trail! I drove south toward Harper’s Ferry where we decided to meet for lunch.  To get to Harper’s Ferry I drove past Antietam again, so I stopped at the Antietam National Cemetery and spent more time driving around the town itself, looking at the old homes. 

Antietam National Cemetary

General McClellan

I finally left Antietam, arriving in Harper’s Ferry within minutes of when Cal arrived.  However I could not get to where Cal was on the trail due to an active rail line and an embankment.  He was able to lock his bike by the trail and walk across a bridge into Harper’s Ferry, while I drove out and around for 15 minutes to get into the historic district where Cal was located. 

Harpers Ferry Depot

Church with Potomac in background

Old Town Harpers Ferry
After lunch, Cal walked back across the bridge and continued on his ride.  I stayed in Harper’s Ferry for another hour, walking and driving around. It is a town built on the hills at the confluence of the Shenandoah River and the Potomac River.

Potomac River

I left town to drive to where we had decided to meet at the end of the day, when Cal called to tell me he had not just blown a tube, but a tire.  He actually patched the inside of the tire and was hoping he would be able to get to a location I could meet him. We changed plans and decided to meet at White’s Ferry.  This is a location on the Potomac River near Leesburg, VA. 

White’s Ferry actually is an auto ferry location. We would be taking the ferry across to Virginia as we were going to Fairfax, VA for the night. The last I talked to Cal on the phone he was about 2 miles out of White’s Ferry.  This was when I was pulling into line for the ferry. It is an approximate 15 minute wait if you miss a ferry.  I was the 4th car in line for the next ferry ride. I knew Cal would be there soon, but was ‘soon’, soon enough to catch the next ferry.  I lowered the bike rack so ‘if’ he did arrive at the last minute he could throw the bike on the rack and we could ‘go’!  Well that is exactly what happened. The cars ahead of me were beginning to move as Cal pulled up beside me.  He jumped off the biked, threw it on the rack, tightened down one tire and jumped in with me. We drove on the ferry, where he tightened the rest of the tires to the rack.  Whew!  We make it, but barely!

Antietam House

Fall Colors

Canal Aquaduct

Aquaduct over a small stream

INtersecting the Appalachian Trail at Harpers Ferry

We drove to Fairfax, VA to stay with a friend tonight.  She actually lives in the neighborhood where our son and daughter-in-law lived when they were first married.  It is because of them that we know her.  We have been chatting all night – she prepared a great salmon meal for dinner. It is interesting seeing the old neighborhood again. 

Tomorrow we will return to White’s Ferry, and Cal will ride into Washington D.C.  He plans to ride down the Capital Mall.  We will have some photos from that experience.


  1. Some of the things you saw today are the most interesting to me of your whole trip...and then there's D.C.! What a great day!

  2. I am loving going on this trip with you. WOW! what beautiful scenery and the history you are seeing. I love it. We have been to Gettysburg, but not to Anietam. Now I would love to go there. This bike route is wonderful, seeing things you would not see on the 2-lane highways. I'm sure glad Evalyn told me about your blog. Can hardly wait for you to post today's trip in D.C.