Monday, October 17, 2011

October 16, 2011: Sunday

The Morning After!
We slept in this morning but the first thing we noticed was the weather – another beautiful day to ride a bike.  Everyday for the last month + we have looked at the weather to determine how Cal would dress for the bike ride.  We keep reflecting on the ride.  It was an amazing experience, seeing our America at a slower pace. 
After a relaxing breakfast we packed up, checking out of the hotel.
By we were at the church Rachel’s first cousin attends. They are a part of a very active/alive church. After church we had lunch at her home with her family. We had a great time reconnecting, visiting, and hearing about their life in this area of Delaware. 
We knew Delaware was a small state (compared to Iowa), but to be here, it is amazing how small it really is. Also their growing season is longer than ours in Iowa.  They are able to plant their crops, such as corn by early April.  The corn has been harvested, and then they have planted wheat or barley in that same ground, which by now is 3-4 inches tall and bright green. It is so different from Iowa where harvest is now in progress or has just finished.
Tomorrow, Monday, we are going to Norfolk and Virginia Beach. We have been to Williamsburg and Jamestown before, so we will not be stopping there.       

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