Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 8, 2011: Hancock, MD to Taylors Ferry, MD (0vernight in Hagerstown, MD: (57 miles)

First a correction by one of our blog readers: “The 'moth' on your Wednesday blog is a Red Admiral butterfly.  The antennae of a moth are normally fringed, while those of a butterfly are almost always terminated with a knob.”  So now we know the difference between a moth and a butterfly.  Thanks Clint for the info.

Our time last night at the Riverrun B& B in Hancock was great. We enjoyed our time with other biking guests. There was a group of three from VA & Georgia. While in Hancock Cal saw another Terra Trike – he found the owner, a woman.  Her trike still had that new shine as she has ridden less than 200 miles, compared to Cal’s 5000 + miles. Her husband owns a CAT trike (another brand of trike).   

Riverrun B & B along the Canal - Hancock, MD

Cal starting the day on The Westerm Maryland Rail Trail

When we awoke this morning there was heavy fog.  After a leisurely breakfast (not in a hurry due to the fog) we drove back to Pearre, where Cal stopped riding the night before. Cal was beginning to ride the Western Maryland Rail Trail.  It is a beautiful trail – black topped the whole way, however it was only 21 miles long!  At Big Pool he transferred back onto the C & O canal towpath.  The C& O continues to be poorly maintained. We hope as we approach Washington D.C it will improve. At spots the grass is tall, other areas are soft with muddy ruts, and sometimes the tracks are very narrow. 

C & O Canal

Towpath through a Rock Cut - Falling Rocks

A Man riding a Big Wheel  bike - met along the trail

Potomac River

Canal Lock with Tender House

C & O Canal Lock

Four Locks in a Row
I decided to return to Hancock to check out an antique shop - I left there without helping their economy!  Cal and I had decided to meet back in Hancock, and later in Williamsport for lunch.  After lunch I found another antique shop before driving to the final destination of the day - Taylors Ferry.  This was another remote location – narrow roads and no cell phone service.

We are in Hagerstown overnight plus Cal is taking a day off tomorrow. His last day off was Friday a week ago when we were in Orville, Ohio.  In some ways he would like to keep pressing on, but his body needs a day off.  We will relax and sightsee in this area tomorrow.      

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  1. I've loved your posts the last few days of the places that are familiar biking places to us. Cal, hope you enjoyed the downhill ride from Big Savage tunnel to Frostburg.