Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5, 2011: Dawson, PA to Fort Hill: (43 miles)

Before I tell you about today, I forgot to say that last night we were hosted by a sister-in-law in Scottdale, PA.  We put Cal’s bike on the rack at Dawson and drove a few miles to Scottdale. We had a great home cooked meal and chatted until late – I was trying to type this blog while we were visiting, and I forgot to mention her. 

Today!  The sun shone almost all day!!  The temp was up in the low 70’s - at I changed to Capri pants and sandals, however by it was cooling down. 

This morning we drove back to Dawson and Cal began riding.  We decided on the town (Ohiopyle) where we would meet for lunch – I have miles to drive while Cal goes more directly on the path. I did arrive in Ohiopyle 35 minutes before him, so I had time to hike a short trail.  After lunch and after Cal hit the trail again, I went to the local water falls - Ohiopyle Falls and Cucumber Falls.  Photos below:

Ohiopyle Falls

Cal Crossing the Bridge over the Youghiogheny River

Cucumber Falls
On the road to Ohiopyle I passed the road going to Fallingwater.  Fallingwater is a Frank Lloyd Wright house. I would have liked to visit the house, but last night we looked at their website.  Would you believe, they are closed on Wednesday - which was today. We were dissappointed. 

As I drove I took some of these photos: 

Beginning of Fall Colors in PA

More Fall Colors along the Highway

If you want a Vacation Rental - Here It Is

Moth Enjoying the Sun's Heat

Cal also took photos along the trail:   
Sun Shining Through the Trees along The Great Allegheny Passage

The GAP Trail along The Youghiogheny River

The Youghiogheny River

Trail/Railroad bed cut through a rock formation

Cal stopped riding at Fort Hill today. We drove to Grantsville, Maryland for the night.  At Grantsville there is an area Penn Alps. There is a replica of a small village with artisans working on crafts.

Penn-Alps Village

Yoder House in Penn-Alps Village

Fireplace in the Yoder House

Dining Room inside The Yoder House

Casselman River Bridge - Crossed by General George Washington in 1755 

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  1. Aahh, Ohiopyle, our favorite state park and place to go for biking, hiking when we were living in PA. The river looks high judging by the two waterfalls. We should have told you about River's Edge Cafe, a great place in Confluence to eat when biking the trail. Another time. :)