Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 22, 2011- Charlotte, N.C.:

The days are slipping by! It is Saturday night already.  After having breakfast with another friend in Harrisonburg, VA on Thursday morning we drove south to Ashville, NC.  In Ashville we spent time with Rotary friends formerly of Mt Pleasant.  Their son, a former student of Cal’s, is an Ophthalmology in the Ashville area.  He brought his family over for supper, so it was great to meet everyone and to visit about school days in Mt Pleasant, as well as reminisce about the RAGBRAI ride he rode on with our family many years ago.
Driving in and out of Ashville was beautiful.  The leaves were beautiful on the higher mountain slopes however in lower areas the leaves have not begun to change colors. The biggest surprise was the snow we saw at the top of the highest Appalachian Range.

Friday morning we drove to Charlotte to spend the weekend with our son and wife.  It is has been a beautiful weekend.  This morning we went to two Farmer’s Markets in the area.  This evening we had a lovely evening meal which included their friends - neighbors.

At this point we are planning on leaving Charlotte on Monday morning so we are home by Tue PM. 

Hopefully I can post more photos of lovely fall scenes after driving around Ashville again on Monday.           

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