Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 12, 2011: Georgetown, MD to Green Belt, MD (34 miles):

This morning there were heavy clouds, but it was not raining as they had predicted.  I took Cal to near the beginning of the Capital Crescent Bike Trail. We did not want to get into the Georgetown traffic so I actually dropped him at a point on the C & O canal.  He re-rode a short distance on the C & O before jumping over onto the Capital Crescent Trail.  He took one last photo of the C & O canal and its towpath before he said goodbye to the trail he has been on for a few days.   

One Last Look at the C&O Canal
The Capital Crescent Trail was paved most of the way. At the end of the Capital Crescent Trail Cal
did have to navigate a residential area to get onto the Sligo Creek Trail. Things were not marked well, but he did make it. I waited for him along the Sligo trail in Silver Springs, MD.  As I was waiting, I asked a biker if I was indeed in the correct location for the trail.  Would you believe this biker, Phil, has ridden on two RAGBRAI’s (bike ride across Iowa) - 1985 and 1998. You identify the RAGBRAI’s you have been on by the # plus by the beginning and ending city of that years ride. Phil began both rides at the small western Iowa town called Hawarden.  In fact we were also there in l998 – there are special events you never forget – that was the case in Hawarden - there was a tornado warning and everyone was told to seek shelter.  Being from the east coast this whole process amazed him. We chatted for at least an hour – mainly about RAGBRAI experiences. He has been on bike rides in different States, but never cross country like Cal is doing.
All afternoon there was light rain, but Cal made it to College Park, MD before it began to rain hard.  We decided to stop for the day even thought he had not ridden as many miles today as he had hoped, but we have made it around the main part of D.C metro area. Within a few miles tomorrow we will be in rural Maryland, heading east to the Bay Bridge by Annapolis. We will haul the bike across the bridge, as Cal can not ride it. By the weekend Cal will be dipping in the Atlantic!! This adventure is almost over!

As to today’s photos - Cal took a final photo of the C & O canal. I took a photo of a restaurant in Silver Springs, MD where actually a Rotary Club meets. In the late 90’s when our son moved east, he first lived in Silver Springs and I have driven by this cute restaurant numerous times.  Today I took a photo of it.  So this is for our son to remind him of his days in Silver Springs! Can you believe these are the only photos we took today!
Restaurant in Silver Spring

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  1. Great job Dad!!! Very proud of you! I can't believe you are almost finished!!!!!! Love you!!