Sunday, May 19, 2013

Arriving in Kathmandu, Nepal - Saturday May 18, 2013

Today is a travel day from Doha, Qatar to Katmandu, Nepal. 

We were up at 5:30 am getting things together and heading to the airport, wondering what we had ahead of us because of the credit card issue we encountered in Chicago.  We were at the airport by 6:45, said good- bye to Cherie and went to the check-in counter.  There were no questions!  We were through security and in the waiting area two hours before boarding.  We loaded onto a bus and were transported to the plane.  By 9:10 the plane door was closed and we were taxing to the runway.  When we reached the runway the plane did not accelerate and take off as expected.  Instead we taxied to a service area where we stayed with “technical” problems for 1/2 hr.  At 10:10 we  taxied to the runway again and were off.  Four hour later we were at Katmandu after a flight that went very smoothly.
Dubai Palm Tree

Kathmandu is straight east of Doha.  We flew over Dubai and saw the Palm from the plane.  Awesome!

After purchasing our visa, $25each, passport control were out of the airport.  We spotted the meeting group, received our welcoming sash and were transported to the hotel, The Royal Singi Hotel.  When we pulled up to the hotel, Brock and Doug were there to meet us.  They had arrived 1 hr earlier. 

Rotary Welcome Party

After exchanging pleasantries we were off to our room.  After getting into our room we went for a walk to one of the shopping streets.  We returned to the hotel for dinner, returned to our rooms and got ready for bed.

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