Friday, May 10, 2013

Visiting Qatar and Exploring Nepal

Another Adventure!

Another adventure is around the corner – actually it is one that has not been on our bucket list!

However, for a long time Cal has been enamored by Mt Everest and those who are willing to risk their lives to make the climb, but we never really considered vacationing in Nepal. 

Over the past several years 17 Rotary Clubs in southern Iowa raised money to be matched by The Rotary Foundation to complete a large water project in Nepal.  This water project is being dedicated on May 20.  It is recommended by The Rotary Foundation that the international partners of a Matching Grant visit the project.  When working on a project, Rotary friendships develop via phone calls and emails, so a visit is a wonderful way to connect with the Rotarians with whom you have been working over the life of the project.

The lead Rotarian in Iowa for this particular water project let it be known that he was going to Nepal for the dedication.  He gave an open invitation for others to go with him and his son.  The final group will include 4 Rotarians and his son.   

Rotary District 6000 (southern Iowa) is very active in doing Matching Grant projects around the world.  Cal & I visited India on two occasions, looking at completed projects, at projects in progress, and possible new grant projects.  We have also been at the dedication of several of the India projects.  Our trip to Nigeria was for the express purpose of looking at situations in which a Rotary project would have an impact on the lives of villagers & students. So we are thrilled to be able to go to Nepal to see this water project and celebrate the dedication.  We want to see our Rotary money in action!  

Another part of our decision to go to Nepal included the fact we could stop in Qatar to visit our daughter who moved to Doha in January.  We are going ahead of the group, and visiting Doha, Qatar for 6 days before flying into Kathmandu, Nepal.  We were not planning to visit our daughter this soon, but when opportunity arose, a quick decision was made to fly via Doha to see where she lives, works and meet her friends. 

Regarding blogging – We know we will have electricity full time in Doha, but we understand Nepal is different – maybe only 12 hours per day.  We also do not know about the speed of internet.  We will blog as often as possible, but ending photos may be more of challenge, so we will see when photos are posted to the blog. 




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