Friday, May 31, 2013

Final Day in Kathmandu - Monday, May 27, 2013

This morning is for relaxing, sleeping in, packing, etc.  We do not leave the hotel until 4:00pm for an evening flight to Doha, Qatar where we will stay with our daughter again, before an early morning flight tomorrow to Chicago.

Garden of Dreams

Morning Tea
However there are two more spots in Kathmandu we want to visit today.  After a leisurely breakfast Cal and I grabbed a cab for a short drive to ‘Garden of Dreams’.  We actually could have walked, but it was humid and hot.  “Garden of Dreams” is truly a garden of dreams.  It was an oasis!!  You walked through the doorway into another world.  One of quite, beautiful green manicured gardens, fountains, and lovely pavilions!  It was even cooler there.  It was a wonderful surprise and you were taken out of Kathmandu for the length of your visit. The guide book says “One of the most serene and beautiful enclaves in Kathmandu” – well stated!!

We decided that after a visit to the Thamel shopping area that we need to return for a light lunch and cup of tea.  Thamel is just a 2 minute walk, but is a million miles from Garden of Dreams.  Thamel is a bustling shopping district in the backstreets of Kathmandu, where you can buy anything and everything!  We were warned about ‘pirated goods’ from China.  Such as items labeled North Face and Columbia – likely they are not the ‘real thing’. Actually it didn’t take Cal and me long to have ‘our fill’ of the area.  Thank goodness it was not a busy time of the day, or it would have been a jostling mess.  In fact, the Garden of Dreams was pulling at us.  We returned to the hotel to ask the other members of our group if they would like to join us for lunch.  One of them decided to do so.  He too was ‘taken back’ by this beautiful area in an otherwise noisy, busy city.

Our visit to Nepal is over.  It has been an interesting time.  We do feel we have felt the culture especially in the smaller villages, meet very dedicated Rotarians who will do many more projects in their communities, felt the friendly warmth of the people we dealt with at our accommodations, and survived the chaotic driving!  


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