Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jaluke Water Project Dedication - Monday, May 20, 2013

Due to the heat the outdoor dedication ceremony at the site of the water storage tank was planned for 8:00am.  We planned to leave the hotel at 7:30 after a cup of coffee, attend the dedication and then return for breakfast. However the best of plans do not always work!  Last night a thunderstorm passed through the area and it was still raining this morning.  We had breakfast and the entourage of Rotarians left the hotel around 8:45, driving to the village where the cars stopped.  Thank goodness we had umbrellas, but in the end, it did not make much difference!  Since it was raining we did not dress up, in fact, we wore hiking boots as the last 7 minute hike would be muddy!!! 
Presenting Flowers

Water System Power House

Bore well

People at celebration

Scenes Along Street for Celebration

Corn Plot

Pure Gratitude

Up the Hill in the Rain

It appeared the whole village was there to welcome us, with flower lays, flower bouquets, and hand held clusters of flowers.  You could not possibly hold them all.  We began a walking parade of Rotarians and villagers, lead by a band, down the main street to the muddy path which went uphill to the storage tank.  By now we were not only wet but getting muddy!  At the top of the hill were several tents under which there was a platform and lots of chairs for the villagers and Rotary guests.  The hour ceremony began!  More flowers, more gifts, more speeches, etc.  The worst part was that the tent did not keep us dry.  There was a fine mist coming through the tent, and at times it was raining fairly hard. 
Local Band



Rachel Joining the Dancers

Lighting the Dedication Lamp

Dedication Gift

Receiving a Blessing

A Village Hat - Now a Part of the Village

Rachel with The Village Scarf

Talking at Dedication

Unveiling the Dedication Plaque with Dist. Gov.

Group Photo with Village Fathers

Group Photo with Rotarians

Opening the Water Spigot

On the Reservoir

Water Reservoir

After photos we had the challenge of getting back down the hill without sliding in the mud!  We were completely soaked by the time we returned to the hotel.  It was hot and humid!! 

The emotion of the gratitude expressed by the villagers was overwhelming. This new water system has a life changing affect on this village for many years to come.  Words nor photos can express the emotions of the morning!  Usually, when these types of ceremonies take place, only men are there as dignitaries.  It was amazing how the women felt a part of this, since I was there.            

With the City Men

After a shower and dry clothes, lunch, and packing we were off to see another Rotary project this Club sponsors.  They help a Clinic for Spinal injury patients. 

At 3:30 we left town for a ½ hour drive to Chitwan National Park where we are tonight. 
Tomorrow morning at 6:30 we will go on Elephant rides through the park.  Another adventure!  

Street Scenes


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